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    2020-11-05 16:27:23文/樊越

    product 作“商业产品总称”解时,是不可数名词;作“某事物的产物”解时,是可数名词,复数形式products。product若用于其他名词前,常作不可数名词,修饰其后面的词。



    1、They detected no defect in theproduct.

    2、Think there is a halo effect from Appleproductto Appleproduct.

    3、Product with unidentified or suspect status shall be classified as nonconformingproduct.

    4、SP3.2 Assembleproductcomponents according to theproductintegration sequence and available procedures.

    5、Theproductshape is globular and theproductis slightly adhering.

    6、Product owner Defines and promotes the vision, goals, and capabilities of theproductso the team can make decisions.

    7、But what they don't tell you is that virtually every soy cheeseproducton the market is made with a dairyproduct.

    8、In other words, if theproductis not accessible for target users, then theproductis defective.

    9、Now let me show you around ourproductexhibition room.

    10、Hone yourproductmanagement skills to meet agile needs.